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Hell Home: The Rose 25 (final chapter)
Chapter 25: Memories
"Yes Sapphy?" Zalgo looks over to his daughter. He puts down his newspaper and his orange, round reading glasses onto the table beside the armchair he was sitting in.
"How much do you love mommy?" Sapphire had a mischievous grin on her lips.
Zalgo ponders for a while, then chuckles before giving a sweet answer. "Words cannot describe how much I love your mother. She is my one, and only true love. Without her, I wouldn't be were I am now. She's so beautiful; and I kiss her everyday."
"Daddy! You're blushing!"
"I can't help it." Zalgo chuckles again.
"What was that I heard?" Mad!Mattie was behind his armchair, twiddling a strand of his dark hair around her finger. "Were those sweet words from you, dear?"
Red-faced, Zalgo stays silent whilst Sapphire nods with a giggle. "Yes, mommy. Daddy did say those things: he loves you a lot."
"I know he does. And I love him a lot too." Mad!Mattie kisses his cheek and sits in his lap, like she always did
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Hell Home: The Rose 24
Chapter 24: The Secret Room
Zalgo sits on his throne, polishing his scepter. Then there was a knock on the large wooden doors. It was a butler. "My Lord, your wife is here to see you."
"Do let her in. The corridor will be cold: it's Autumn."
The butler lets in his wife, who looked sad and was shivering. Zalgo rushes over and hugs his wife. "My love, what is wrong?"
"I'm cold." She snuggles into him. "Please, keep me warm."
He nods and picks her up in his arms. He runs to the back of the room and pushes a loose brick; revealing a hidden passage. Confused, Mad!Mattie wraps her arms tightly around his neck. "Zalgo, where are we going?"
"Somewhere secret."
Trusting him, she lets her husband carry her into the darkness, only his glowing eyes could be seen.
Finally, it opens up into a small library, stacked with books on these small shelves. In the middle was a small queen-size bed. "Where are we?" Mad!Mattie asks.
"My spell book library. I also kept a bed in here just in ca
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Hell Home: The Rose 23
Chapter 23: Peaceful Morning
Zalgo walks into the kitchen and starts making two cups of tea - one for him, and the other for his wife. He smiles and gives a content sigh. Suddenly, a pair of arms wrap around his waist. It was Mad!Mattie, his wife, and she buries her face into his back. "Come back to bed: you're warm and it's cold."
Zalgo chuckles and turns around, both cups of tea in his hands. "Very well. I will gladly come back to bed with you. After all, I am also a little cold; so being next to you would warm me up quickly."
"Is that tea for me?" Mad!Mattie looks up at her husband. Zalgo nods and hands it to her. "Oh, thank you!" She kisses his cheek and takes it from him. A red hue forms on her husband's cheeks and she laughs.
"I thought you would've liked some tea once you'd woken up." He wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her closer. "Let's go back to bed."
Mad!Mattie rests her head against her husband's chest, her hand on his stomach. She looks up at h
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Lizzi and Lucifer  by Mildredishere Lizzi and Lucifer :iconmildredishere:Mildredishere 3 4 Ruby and Noah  by Mildredishere Ruby and Noah :iconmildredishere:Mildredishere 1 11 Hell Home comic cover by Mildredishere Hell Home comic cover :iconmildredishere:Mildredishere 1 0 Tobi  by Mildredishere Tobi :iconmildredishere:Mildredishere 1 2
Hell Home: The Rose 22
Chapter 22: The Office
Mad!Mattie was bored and lonely. Her children were outside playing with Mildred and Dark and her husband was at work. She walks over to the window and looks out at the nearby city just behind the hills. Then she had an idea - what if she went to Hell's Ministry of Defence (HMoD for short) to visit him?
Without a second thought, she walked through the front doors, into the city and finally reached the reception desk in the tall white building where Zalgo worked. The receptionist looked up with a friendly smile. "What can I do for you, Lady Hex?"
"Where is my husband?" She asks.
"He's currently in a meeting at the moment but he'll be with you in the next...two hours."
Shocked, Mad!Mattie keeps asking. "Where is his office?"
"Top floor. You can either take the lift or the 320 stairs."
"Oh...thanks." Quickly, she walks over to the lift and gets in. Minutes later, she was surrounded and sandwiched between multiple business men and women in suits and
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Zalgo x Mad!Mattie art  by Mildredishere Zalgo x Mad!Mattie art :iconmildredishere:Mildredishere 1 2 Zalgo under his umbrella  by Mildredishere Zalgo under his umbrella :iconmildredishere:Mildredishere 6 7 Zalgo under his umbrella WIP by Mildredishere Zalgo under his umbrella WIP :iconmildredishere:Mildredishere 6 1 Finished! It's young Mildred! by Mildredishere Finished! It's young Mildred! :iconmildredishere:Mildredishere 3 0


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Time Ladies
So, the 13th Doctor has lady-bits and a number of people seem really upset. Of that number, NONE can articulate as to WHY they are upset without sounding like a bunch of petty, insecure cry-babies.
This isn’t a James Bond situation, where the titular character HAS to be a white, Scottish guy, because THAT’S the mythology and if you change it, it’s no longer James Bond.
The Doctor can be anyone. It’s been part of the mythology for a while that his (Her? Its?) appearance is taken from people previously encountered, or is at the very least, a tribute to them. That’s why the 12th Doctor looked like Caecilius of Pompeii. My guess is that the 13th Doctor is a female because of Bill. Jodie Whittaker rather reminds me of The Pilot (Bill’s time-jumping, puddle-dwelling stalker/squeeze).
To say that The Doctor can’t be played by a woman is total BS, as is the claim that the BBC are simply doing it because of the “popular trend” in chasing div
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MMD Cyber Fox Outfits by RavenUzukiChan MMD Cyber Fox Outfits :iconravenuzukichan:RavenUzukiChan 241 18 Elegant Red Dress [Download] by Fujiwara-no-Moko Elegant Red Dress [Download] :iconfujiwara-no-moko:Fujiwara-no-Moko 158 10 Space Doctor Who by ladunya Space Doctor Who :iconladunya:ladunya 64 9




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Chapter 1: Under Siege. Don't Care.
Chapter 2: Man Cave
Chapter 3: Hide and Seek
Chapter 4: The Office
Chapter 5: Throne Room.
Chapter 6: Wi-Fi and TV.
Chapter 7: The Garden
Chapter 8: Library
Chapter 9: The Apple Tree
Chapter 10: The Mysterious Tower

That's what I've got so far.


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